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Writer, Composer, Editor, Music Publisher


I am a magna cum laude graduate of Brown University (U.S. Ivy League) with dual concentrations in comparative literature and mathematics.

I am a member of Phi Beta Kappa academic honor society.

My freelance experience, which spans over two decades, includes writing, editing and proofreading; music composition, transcription, engraving, recording and performance; independent research; project management; photoshop and graphic design; tutoring and teaching (subjects include mathematics, writing, music theory and composition, physics, ecology and environmental science); statistical work; and data entry/processing, bookkeeping, tax preparation, etc.

My published works include numerous writings (see below), nine CDs of original music, and a documentary video. I have received over thirty grants, awards, and other honors for my work in various fields, and have been profiled in MARQUIS WHO’S WHO IN AMERICA every year since 2006.

I am a consummate professional who delivers on time, on budget, and above expectations. I could never have survived as a freelancer for so long without a very long list of loyal, satisfied clients.

Here are some highlights of my work in a few specific fields:


I am a meticulous proofreader, a thoughtful and collaborative editor, and a creative wordsmith. My editing clients deeply value my commitment to maintaining and enhancing their personal writing styles, rather than sterilizing their work with excessive editorial zeal.

My internationally published writings include essays (both scholarly and informal), literary reviews, press releases, lyric poetry, web content, CD liner notes, and song lyrics.

My scholarly essay, “Brer Robert: The Bluesman and the African American Trickster Tale Tradition” has been cited in over thirty articles, including multiple Ph.D. dissertations.

I have also authored a dozen successful grant proposals and edited another half dozen successful proposals written by colleagues. This diverse range of writing experience makes me uniquely qualified to edit and proofread text in styles ranging from formal academic papers to fantasy novels to the most breezy, casual blog posts.

In addition to the grant applications noted above, I have edited works of fiction, essays, web content, résumés, personal profiles, and even wedding vows.

As of October 1, 2015, my current editing projects include two novels and a short story.


I have worked as a professional composer, performer, arranger, and ensemble leader for over twenty years. I perform regularly as a guitarist (acoustic and electric) and cellist, and have also recorded numerous tracks as a keyboardist, bassist (electric and upright), percussionist (pitched and non-pitched), and player of “found object” instruments. I am comfortable writing parts for just about any instrument you might have in mind.

I have composed well over three hundred works of music in styles ranging from classical to experimental/ambient to folk-blues to jazz to theater, dance and film/video soundtracks. I am the sole proprietor of Thunder Cliff Music publishing and have publishing agreements with four international music publishing companies.

I have been named #1 New Artist on XM Satellite Radio Real Jazz. In addition to my work as a composer/arranger, I have transcribed hundreds of songs from recordings, producing lead sheets, fully notated scores, and/or commercial piano-vocal-guitar sheet music, as required. Even in this age of music notation software, sheet music engraving remains an art form.

I take great pride in the fact that my sheets have been described by past and current clients as, “stunning,” “gorgeous,” and “flawless.” For those who truly want a sheet music heirloom, I also offer handwritten music calligraphy/engraving that is much admired.

A number of past collaborators and clients have framed copies of my handwritten lead sheets and scores prominently displayed in their homes or studios.


I have designed hundreds of posters, brochures, flyers, postcards, etc., including overall design, text layout, photo editing, and radical lighting correction. With my combination of writing, music, and graphics skills, I am able to offer clients “one stop shopping” for a vast range of projects.


I have taken a lead role in dozens of collaborative projects. From managing complex schedules to motivating team members, I know how to keep projects on track and on budget. V. DATA ENTRY, BOOKKEEPING, ETC.


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Editor in Chief, News Feature Writer

  •  The Millennial Source
  •  8月 2018 - Present

Editor in Chief, fact checker, lead researcher, and news analysis writer for millennial-oriented news & lifestyle website The Millennial Source

Sole Proprietor / Composer

  •  Thunder Cliff Music Publishing
  •  10月 2017 - 9月 2018

Sole Proprietor/Tutor (mathematics, writing, physics)

  •  Bennett Siems Tutoring and Educational Services
  •  9月 2018 - Present


Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Mathematics, Comparative Literature, American Cultural History

  •  Brown University
  •  7月 2001 - 1月 2005

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Mathematics, Comparative Literature, American Cultural History